Universities in New Zealand

  1. School of Auckland.

School of Auckland is one of the top institutions in New Zealand. Globally it comes on 85th number but in New Zealand, it remains the best one and most reputed institution.

Including Nursing, Ancient Studies, and business for more than 18 subjects it comes in the top 50.

  1. School of Otago

School of Otago came into existence in 1869 and continued being one of the best institutions in the world. Globally, the School of Otago is on the 175th number on the basis of its widespread understudies.

  1. Victoria University of Wellington

Victoria University of Wellington was made in 1897. From the very starting university is doing exceptionally good in Primary Law, Information Board, and settlements. Right Now, University of Wellington holds 221st number globally in the list of best institutions.

  1. School of Waikato

School of Waikato started doing extremely well since 2019 and is continuously improving its rank in the global ranking. University is situated in the city of Hamilton besides the boundaries of Tauranga and holds 274th spot on the list of best institutions on the planet.

  1. School of Canterbury

The School of Canterbury was founded in 1873. This year the school is ranked 231st in the global list. School of Canterbury is one of the most diverse institutions and involves more than 80 Nationalities under its umbrella.