An international student’s guide to changing courses and education providers

I want to change my education provider. How soon after starting my course can I do this?

ESOS National Code will decide whether and when can you change your courses if you are reading your major courses for less than six months. You need to have the consent of your current institution and their assessment in terms of studies and overall record. Make sure you have completed the formalities before moving to the next institution.

What if my current institution rejects the transfer?

In case of rejection follow the internal processes and launch a complaint addressing your concern. If you are not happy with outcomes then you need to reach out to the external entities like State or overseas matter and register your complaint in order to get the desired results.

Does change of course will affect my student visa?

Check the end dates for the courses that you have changed. If the dates differ from the visa you had in hand already then you need to apply for another visa in a span of 28 days after completing your major courses.

Can I change my student visa to a lower level visa?

Yes, you would require a new visa even if you are enrolled in the new course at the institution. Special cases will be incorporated i.e. level of changing course. However, changing from a non-AQF to an AFQ course does not require a new visa.

I hold a student visa and want to change to a course from a different educational sector. Is it possible?

You would have to apply for an understudy visa because your current visa will not be appropriate to use in the new sector. On the off chance that you got your visa under smoothed out visa handling (SVP), there is a potential special case if the supplier you are moving to was not a qualified supplier preceding 1 July 2016, reliant on the length of your present visa and nation of cause.