Neustar Adds Simple Failover Service to UltraDNS

Offers List of Must-Have Features for Managed DNS Solutions
Sterling, Va. (PRWEB)
Neustar, Inc. (NYSE: NSR), a trusted, neutral provider of real-time information services and analytics, today announced the inclusion of Simple Failover, a website traffic management capability that will be offered as a standard feature of UltraDNS, its managed authoritative Domain Name Server (DNS) service.
With the new Simple Failover service, UltraDNS customers will now be able to add a simple HTTP monitor to a single record and setup a failover IP should the target of record become unavailable. The failover IP can point to a backup website server or a pre-developed page with a customized message. Additionally, customers will receive proactive notification via email when a record fails or is restored. Neustar recommends that every website be monitored and include a failover option.
For customers who need more granular control for load balancing and failover, or want to configure different thresholds for notifications and traffic routing actions, UltraDNS continues to offer advanced traffic management services to help further optimize traffic.
“Making the Simple Failover feature available to all UltraDNS customers demonstrates Neustar’s commitment to providing superior managed DNS services for critical online infrastructures,” said Margee Abrams, CISSP, director of security services at Neustar. “This added functionality provides an extra layer of redundancy and enhances website performance and reliability,” she added.
As companies and websites contemplate outsourcing, they are turning to experienced providers with extensive infrastructure, highly reliable networks and deep expertise. To help sort through the choices, Neustar has developed a list of must-have features for managed DNS:
Tip No. 1: Availability and Reliability
100% network uptime is what companies want. If a customer can’t reach a company’s website, they will turn to a competitor to get what they need. A good managed DNS solution will provide highly redundant nodes.
Tip No. 2: Security
Non-open source resolvers are less prone to malware, viruses and phishing. Companies should insist on a provider with built-in DDoS protection, as well as a failover to a DDoS protection network.
Tip No. 3: Performance
Fast query resolutions are essential, but companies should ensure that their provider is able to minimize dropped requests.
Tip No. 4: Scalability and Global Network
More points of global presence mean much faster service for queries bound for servers around the world; this is the key to sustained growth.
Tip No. 5: Precision Traffic Management
Simple traffic routing services for monitored load balancing and failover are mandatory. To further optimize traffic, it’s a best practice to seek out advanced services that provide the flexibility to direct and customize network traffic for enhanced performance without the need for costly hardware investments.
Tip No. 6: Ease of Use
A sophisticated platform doesn’t help if it’s hard to use. Companies should have access to a portal that is simple to use, allows for easy change and deliver clear, useful reporting.
Tip No. 7: Expertise and Support
Lastly, look at reputation and how long a provider has been managing DNS, as well as looking at how deep their expertise is – both technical knowledge and customer support. It pays to check with peers and evaluate experiences.
Neustar’s UltraDNS not only meets these must-have features, but it also helps businesses enable and protect their online presence, ensuring 100% website availability and optimal performance with built-in DNS security. With the addition of Simple Failover, UltraDNS will now automatically monitor a primary website record and redirect web traffic if there are any issues.
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Updated: March 17, 2020 — 7:45 pm